International Marketing Association was founded in 1992 opening its first office in Virginia Beach, VA. by its current owner Daryl DeCroix.

IMA gained its early success in magazine subscription management by marketing for many of the nation’s top publications. IMA flourished by providing state of the art telesales technology and marketing strategies. In fact, IMA was awarded for distributing over 20 million dollars in consumer goods by the Hearst Corporation in 2009. While compiling over a billion dollars of sales in the subscription management market IMA’s focus has pivoted in recent years.

Recognizing the new almost limitless marketing opportunities for the “Baby Boomer” generation, IMA has recently ventured into the senior demographic becoming one of the most successful distributors of innovative medical products in the nation.


Direct mail, telesales, social media, internet marketing and more are all areas of IMA expertise. Our 25 years of experience has allowed us to optimize these current technologies but it is our people who truly make the difference. Many of our “500 strong” telesales professionals have been with us for over a decade and our training methods for new representatives are state of the art.

Our Personal Emergency Response Division is the fastest growing medical alert company in the industry in just 3 short years. IMA also has many other successful programs such as roadside assistance which has 50,000 active members and a flourishing durable medical equipment partnership program which interact with multiple insurance companies and Medicare that is fully HIPAA compliant.

While rapid growth in our various marketing campaigns is a priority IMA’s main focus has been and will always be compliance. The first step of any new undertaking is to make sure that all applicable guidelines and regulations are strictly adhered to in every state. Our stringent Quality Assurance Division ensures the integrity of every campaign.

These fundamentals are crucial to the very bright future for IMA which is on the forefront of becoming the premier marketer for the ever-growing Baby Boomer generation.